Danse dE Sade 
From our NEW single “Vicar of Vice"
"Here he comes, from the monastery;
both nails and teeth filed to a point...
Clutching his psalms in his palms, recites he - scary
He preaches not of salvation..."

"Follow Danse de Sade to a world of sex, sadism, black magic and filth! A Sadeian social-networking nightmare celebrating villainy - where the virtuous are scorned and the righteous are derided! 

Go to Reverbnation and listen to these Rock n' Roll spawns of Satan - bear witness to the testimonials of their transgressions as depicted in their live performances as seen on Youtube.
​​​Still not enough sin?  Go to their Tumblr and peruse the catalogue of their libertine indecencies or... connect on Twitter for the latest 'whiskey'ed, harlotting heretical' mishaps of this 'Devil's band of ne'er-do-wells.'

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  1. Sex
    New York’s new sleaze, sexploitation rock n’ roll ensemble! In the vein of 1970’s New York Grindhouse cinema and 42nd Street filth, DANSE dESADE returns rock n’ roll to its seedier roots with anthems of sex and exploitation!
  2. Sin
    Combining Gothic horror-kitsch with metropolitan Glam-Punk trash, the band delivers its “paeans to pleasure” with distinct morbid gusto and appropriate Sleaze Rock bravado.
  3. Satan!
    Come see DANSE dESADE perform and experience a carnival panorama of sin and sound as they celebrate the pleasures of the flesh with hymns of bourbon, serpents, sex… and Satan!
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